Registry smart is bogus

Nashua, New Hampshire 1 comment

This product is a Trogan and will replicate itself over and over in your registry.This is very serious.

Do not purchase this product. It cost me over $200 to have my computer fixed because of RegistrySmart. It looked like legit softwear and I paid $50 to "Clickbank". You will be sorry if you buy this product.

My current antivirus/adware product is Mico Trend and it's great. It alerted me of the danger and will not allow me to access RegistrySmart's website.

I don't know where RegistrySmart softwear is made but it's probably someplace in Africa with the same guy who needs your bank account number to inherit his grandfathers money.

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Why do people pay for, download and install software before they atleast do 5 min or research?I just can't understand it.

Under which hive does the program "replicate" itself?

Which keys does it generate?Have you tried to run a snap shot before and after the "replication"

Registry Smart - Registry Fix complaint

Madison, Wisconsin 0 comments
Not resolved

My Outlook Express stopped sending and receiving emails. When I googled "Repair Outlook Express" I got to Registry Fix. They promised a refund if running their product didn't fix the problem. This was confirmed by my session with their chat person. I bought and ran the software. It didn't fix the problem. I am now on my 5th or 6th email exchange trying to get a refund. (I can forward you the emails). I do not recommend this product if you are counting on them actually courteously and quickly refunding your money if their product does not perform and claimed and confirmed by their chat person.



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